Joining the ranks of the Spectacled

You remember the first time you watched something in HD, or when you first upgraded from a VGA monitor to something with a few more dots? How clear everything got?

Well, I’ve recently done the same thing with my eyes. I should explain that I have pretty good vision to begin with, but after a medicare-covered eye test, I’ve found that it could be better than 20/20.

Suddenly it’s not so tiring to drive home after a day of office work. I can’t wait until my family comes back so that I can examine my baby in the eyewear equivalent of High Definition.

Is this important? Not really. I’m still very much getting used to wearing glasses. I was told that I don’t really need to wear them constantly, but the differnce is addictive. Plus, as someone who is pretty smart to begin with, this is just a way of signalling that before I even open my mouth.

Anyway, today marks the end of Final Finale. Could this be the end of Hanako and my relationship? Perhaps. I’m not quite sure that I could write more Hanako right away. I’ve been thinking more and more about reviving “Run,” or maybe one of the other things I was writing before I moved into Katawa Shoujo nearly 5.5 years ago.
Thanks to everyone who came to the AMA. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think the level of the questions was quite good. There was hardly anything challenging at all.

Anyway, here is the link to Part 7 of Final Finale. The name, of course, was because I did intend for this to be my last dance with Hanako. But in doing so I’ve found a new connection with her. By writing from her point of view I’ve been able to get over my major annoyance with her; that her range of emotions is limited by what Hisao can perceive. So, who knows? I think it may be some time though…


4 thoughts on “Joining the ranks of the Spectacled

  1. Aww, I must say I’m a bit sad to see Final Finale end, it was a nice little epilogue. But if it means that we’ll see other new stuff from you I’m not complaining.
    And welcome to the Fellowship of the Foureyes πŸ™‚

  2. Though the opinion may be a bit tardy, I feel the need to voice it nonetheless. I, myself, would be ecstatic if you were to ever to write a story from Hanako’s perspective. Her state of mind being what it is, it would be interesting to see what her mental reactions would be to everyday situations. Simple things, like, say, meeting Hisao’s parents, could inspire much stronger and alien feelings than would any other person. It would be extremely interesting to see things from her eyes.

    This being said, it is all up to what you feel like doing. All of your writing is fantastic, and I will be sure to read whatever you happen to come up with. I wish you a smooth transition into the world of eyewear, and look forward to whatever you may come up with next.

    Happy writings!

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