Hi all.

Given the responses to the “Should I do an AMA?” question, I thought that I may as well devote an hour or so of my time to answering your questions.

I’m giving you, the blog readers, a bit of advanced warning.

I plan to start at about Midnight GMT (1000 Australian Eastern time, 1600 Pacific US Time).

As far as I can tell that is the most appropriate time for the global audience. Apologies if you live in Eastern Europe or Russia. You may just have to go to sleep a little late.

So here is the link:

I suppose I should note that I did leave the project about 2 years before completion, so individual results may vary.


5 thoughts on “AMA Tomorrow (or maybe today, depending on your time zone)

  1. Since I don’t want a Reddit account (that I’m likely to forget), I’ll post here: For all the “creepy fans” that you and other members of 4ls have met, how many people simply walked up, said ‘Thanks for the game,’ and left without another word?

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