Letting Go

Since I posted the first episode of the BBQ in a 6-pack fuelled frenzy, I’ve thought numerous time about taking it back down again.


There are seven episodes, and only two of them, the first and last episodes, made it all the way to the second draft stage.

The scripts that I’m posting are the “Clean” versions; that is I have removed the internal comments that were contained in the script.


For example:


Fair enough, business as usual. (a pause, taking a sip from his drink. He deletes the majority of the spam messages, then a further pause) Well, that’s enough work for today, it is playtime. (Loads up a game) Yeah! I dunno where you’re really going with this, but maybe he can click on link to get a bigger penis or get a free plasma screen and something happens, like ‘all your base are belong to us’ pops up on the screen (or even a picture of David Hasselhoff) and then the computer explodes. He shakes his head and presumes its time to get drunk…

Most of them are nonsensical, and if you thought Katawa Shoujo was littered with Easter Eggs, then you would be blown away at the in-jokes that made up The BBQ.


But in the end I’ve decided to keep it up.


Back in 2009 when I clicked the “post” button for Act 1 of Katawa Shoujo, I had to let go of everything that we had done until that moment. I’m sure that Suriko felt the same when he gave the order to release the full version of the game, only tenfold. You can’t take it back, no matter how hard you try. Your strengths and weaknesses are exposed to the world.

That’s especially true when it came to writing Katawa Shoujo. To me, it was the ultimate act of wearing your heart on your sleeve. I would be lying if I didn’t wish that Hisao’s story was my own. I imagine that it is like that for at least Suriko, and probably for the others to a certain extent. It’s a little embarrassing now that I think about it; you’ve all essentially peered into my deepest desires and embraced them as your own. At least, in that sense, I guess all of us can say that we’re not alone.


And so that’s why I’m going to keep posting the BBQ. It’s where my mind was 8 years ago, and if it wasn’t for the experience of writing those seven episodes then I would have never had the confidence to step up to the plate when I was asked to lead the embryotic 4LS. I know that I could make it a lot better if I spent some time on it, but that’s where you all come in.


I’ve already received one passage for Episode 1; one that I’ve read but I haven’t updated the script. I’m still contemplating what I should do with it. I’m also considering posting the commented versions of the scripts; ghosts of myself and my friends discussing plot points, scene blocking and general frivolity… In fact, it’s a technique that we used on Katawa Shoujo as well; we could leave comments in the script for the art, for the music, and for the editors. And it’s the basis of collaboration; everything is a discussion.


I’ll leave that choice to you all. Just post some comments if you’d like to read the “raw” scripts as opposed to the clean ones.


In any case, the “Clean” version of Episode 2 is here. ANd now it’s time to go and read some more 1Q84. That book is long.



3 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. 1Q84 is a book that I would happily read again in some years. The connections that is created between the characters and the readers, or at least for me, was amazing. Good choice.

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