One thought on “Watch “1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography – Ramesh Raskar” on YouTube Honestly, i can’t add anything more to this brilliance.

  1. Shows how much there can be fascinating things to witness in this world, no matter how microscopic they are in size or timeframe. Too bad people can only generally be conscious (and therefore only appreciative) of the things that are the biggest.

    You know, like the people that say how human struggles are useless and that we are insignificant and worth nothing in this universe upon seeing a high-res Hubble photo of countless galaxies in space? Yeah, that’s always rubbed me the wrong way… It’s like they’ve forgotten that those big things are made up of unseen molecules, too. Ugh, can’t tolerate those folks…

    But erm, my tangent aside, that really is an interesting video. Seems wallhack will be a reality for the military soon.

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