Old stuff incoming

Okay. I’ll be honest. I really liked 21 Jump Street.

It kinda redeemed the entire “spoof film” category. There wasn’t much about it that you could really complain about. It had great comedic timing, decent production values, and it is a great way to share a 6-pack with a friend.


I won’t gush on about it too much; I’m sure that there are valid arguments out there against it. Hell, if I really wanted to I could probably find a million things wrong with it. But I don’t need to; it delivered a great evening to me, and that’s pretty much all I could ask for.


However, it did remind me and my friend about a project that pre-dates Katawa Shoujo. I know that some of you may not have even been born then, but these things happen.


Let me set the scene:

It’s 2005. I’ve graduated university about a year and a half ago, and somehow found myself working in theatres.

I’d kept in contact with my uni mates, but had also met a lot of really creative people as I’ve started migrating into the workforce.

After watching Excel Saga a few too many times (and starting the long and winding road towards becoming a weaboo) and sharing it with said friends, we got it in our heads that we might be able to create something that would amuse people with our sense of humor.


Drawing on my long-time love of Something Awful, we started working on a script that we called “The Barbecue” (from OMGWTFBBQ). Initially I would wirte the script, and the other two guys would read and contribute to it. There was a lot of back-and-forth, a lot of comments in the script, and it was generally quite fun.

Unfortunately in September that year one of the collaborators was critically injured in a stage accident and was laid up for about 6 months. A roadcase had fallen on him and squashed his entire torso into a 100mm gap. The project was shelved, and we kinda forgot about it.


All up, we had eight episodes. I even did screen-readings to myself to check out the timing. All up, the script would have stretched to about 90 minutes, depending on how the various non-speech sequences would have run for.

We managed to get to a second version of most of the scripts, and a second draft of the first episode. But due to my friend’s accident, the script sat on a hard-drive and never really went anywhere.


Some of it is still embarrasingly bad. In many way I want to bury it forever and use it only as a learning tool for myself.


But, after watching 21 Jump Street, my (other) friend and I have thought that maybe we should at least have a look at it. He’s just as busy as I am, but that’s the beauty of the Internet.


I’m going to put up the “clean” (i.e. the non-commented version) of the first episode. In fact, it’s already up here. It is still a draft, and it’s also seven years old, so I make no claims of awesomeness. However, if anyone is interested in helping us polish this gem, then please hit me up with a private message and we’ll take it from there.


Of course, if you have a general comment or criticism please let me know. Looking at it now I know that I could easily make it quite a lot more polished, but my various research projects and Final Finale come first…


Anyway, sleepies…


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