Who do you blog for?

Recently, I’ve noticed that my wife takes great care with her blog posts.

Usually they take about half a day to write, as she constantly re-writes and re-arranges the text and the images (not to mention the emoticons).

It borders on the edge of perfectionism, and totally the opposite of my posts. I usually just do a brain dump (see: this post) and slap it up here as fast as I can. 


But when someone unexpectedly likes one of her posts, she suddenly gets upset. On the contrary, my heart skips a beat every time I get an email from wordpress.com. It’s gotten to the point where she will upload photos, but will alter them so that everyone’s faces are unrecognizable. 

It comes down to who the blogs are written for, I guess.I have this certain guilt around my posts; an insane devotion to the dozens of people that have subscribed to my blog. I want to feed them with stories of my own, to inspire them and to keep them reading. Sure, I imagine that 90% of you are reading this and secretly hoping that I’ll announce Part 3 to “A Runner’s Afternoon” (hint: I won’t), but I’m okay with that.


When I posed this question to my wife, she simply told me that she is writing her blog for us, a kind of virtual diary (with emoticons) that we can open up at any time, gazing upon the pictures of our lives and remembering the good times that we had. That’s probably why she has this fear of people viewing the blog; it’s like someone reading your diary. 


Personally, I’m okay with that. The poll I posted a while ago showed that people were more interested in my cultural observations than some ind of travel picture book. I’m working towards that, and it’s also inspired me to start taking serious notes for some kind of Japanese culture guide thing. Without people reading this blog (or KS< for that matter) I lose my inspiration. 


Anyway, the latest installment in the “other” CplCrud blog is almost done, so time to whack this one up. I guess I’ll finish with a photo of something. Here’s the bridge that Keiichi and Satoko fall off in Higurashi no Naku Koro NI.



3 thoughts on “Who do you blog for?

  1. “Sure, I imagine that 90% of you are reading this and secretly hoping that I’ll announce Part 3 to “A Runner’s Afternoon” (hint: I won’t), but I’m okay with that.”

    Don’t think so.

    I have a blog too. Sometimes, I feel laziness when I should be posting. Knowing that someone is reading what you are writing and have an opinion about that is what makes me have the will to post again.

  2. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t initially start following you in the hopes of yet another round of bawling uncontrollably. But, honestly, I appreciate the opportunity to read your thoughts put to keyboard just as much in the long run.

  3. CplCrud’s getting self-conscious just like a certain purple-haired Japanese girl again… heh.

    Personally, I don’t really care what content you put on your blog… Crucial part of creativity is letting your mind run free, and it’s pretty much what I expected (and still expect) from your own personal blog: a place where you can externalize all your useless/useful thoughts as it suits you.

    Some heart-aching people might come here expecting to get another dose of their favorite crippled girl (and who wouldn’t), but I honestly think being fixated on the product and not the person that makes it is quite “limiting” for both parties, if that makes sense, especially on your own personal blog. Of course, this applies to other subjects out there too, and not just KS…

    Not telling you that you shouldn’t cater to people’s whims from time to time (on the contrary, I think that’s great), but I’m just saying that I, for one, visit your blog because I’m more interested in knowing more about the factory than the products that come from it (if you allow me to put it bluntly that way; can’t think of better words).

    So yeah, don’t mind us so much… We’re just curious passers-by, nothing more.

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