Okay, so this may be the cold+Flu medicine talking, but is anyone out there interested in co-contributing on this, or more likely, a similar blog?

I know that I enjoyed the YouTube videos I did with Shintai, and I remember thinking at the time “I should do more of this”.

One thing that I was really thinking of was finding an artist to work with. I kinda regret not getting closer with Weee to the point of working with her beyond KS.

One of these days I should head back into the dev channel…


8 thoughts on “Co-Contribution

  1. I unfortunately don’t have much to offer, but I feel I have to ask, why not work with weee again? KS was a pretty big deal, surely that must count for something… ? I’d certainly love to see you collaborate again.

      1. I think that Wee would respond if I were to approach her. But the thing I worry about is that I wouldn’t be able to uphold my half of the commitment contract.

        Essentially, that’s why I left 4LS in the first place; I couldn’t commit to the required level of contribution.

  2. You are looking for an artist for a specific project?
    One thing I think you could do is a manga version of hanako story, maybe even a remake, as a fan I would enjoy that.

    One question, you say you left 4ls, but didn’t it disband?

    1. Not really looking for a specific project as such.
      I’m actually thinking about a collab with my wife (of all the people!) when I finally pull my finger out and start writing my travel books.

      I left 4LS in November 2010. I had recently been promoted to a department manager and I simply couldn’t keep all of the balls in the air. 4LS was unfortunately the ball that I had to drop.
      However, we were 20 members strong at that time, so it wasn’t like I was propping the whole place up. A lot of the work that I did with the project was in the front half of the development process anyway.

      1. cpl_crud: are you still interested in this? If so I’d like to talk to you. Is there some way I can send you contact info that doesn’t involve posting it publicly?

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