On Business Travel

How many days, how many cities, how many continents has it been since I was last able to post?

I’ve lost count. Honestly, I’m trying to remember the last thing that I posted here. Was it about the Zero-hour Zombie Hobo?

It turns out that there wasn’t any flesh in the stomach of the man who was shot for eating a hobo’s face. It does beg the question what he was  doing though…

I’m not sure if I have posted this before, but this guy is amazing:


He also does Iosys’s Bad Apple, which I thought was pretty fun.

In “real” news, Final Finale Part 4 is up now. It’s been floating around in various stages for a while now. It’s actually significantly harder to write as Hanako than it is as Hisao. I know both of them as intimately as each other, but I guess I’m just more used to being Hisao and watching Hanako. I’ve always had a good idea of what she was thinking, but I’m not sure how to capture that emotion.

That’s a little surprising to me. Like many of us in this sub-culture I’ve had my fair share of time alone; grappling with that gnawing fear that you may simply be alone forever. And yet, when it comes to putting it onto paper, the best I can think of is “wading through grease”.


If I end up having the time I might go back into this part and tweak it a bit. I was going to explore a bit more, but it already felt like a 9th grade assignment on metaphor as it was before adding in all sorts of “abysses” and “caverns” – even though those are probably the first words that I would use to describe the periods in my life when I have been truly alone.


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