All is good with the world!


Okay, I know that only about 2 of you even took notice of my last post, but my camera (and my favourite lens) are back from the service centre; fixed, cleaned and aligned.

Here’s to antoher 5 years of shooting!


5 thoughts on “All is good with the world!

  1. I’m glad I was part of the 2 who read your article 🙂
    But it did raise some questions inside my mind which I would love to know the answer to… For startes, I’m curious about the Japanese culture, how did you father-in-law react to news of her daughter getting hitched with a foreigner? How is the relationship? Formalities and all that. I read an article somewhere on the internet and it said that a Japanese marying with a foreigner or an “alien” as they may call it, might be seen as a disgrace for the family.
    I’m not a big anime/manga/ fan in general but I do watch some anime from time to time and I’ve always dreamed of going to Japan to spend a few weeks of vacation time, dispite this, going back to the anime, I always notice that in the animes the guys are shy and the girls EXTREMLY “shier”, having trouble calling others by their first name or adding the “-kun” at the end, how does that work in real life? Is it because of their strong cultural and respectful upbringing?
    Just looking for a cultural lesson, really 🙂
    And congratulations for getting your lens and camera back, I have the same exact model, it’s 8 years old and it still works perfectly!
    Cheers mate!

    1. Indeed, the 24-105 is a fine peice of glass. The problem was with what I read as a “constrictor” ring, which I guess is the Iris.

      As for the culture question… I suppose there are a number of answers to that. First up, I met my wife a good 9 years after graduating from high school, so a lot of that hormone-fuelled angst (which is common in all cultures) was never there. After a couple of clumsy dates, we snyced up nicely and have been together since.

      She lived overseas for 8 years before meeting me, so the “loss” of his daughter wasn’t a surprise. The fact that we were able to communicate helped a lot. The family and friends have all been very accepting- a foreign marraige is still rare here, but it isn’t a taboo.
      I would blog about that kind of thing, but there are so many “check out my whacky Japanese girlfriend” stories on the net that I’m kind of embarrassed to write anything. I would become something I loathe, and I just hate doing that.

      1. Saying “I would” means that you’d like to? I found this ^ bit about your life pretty interesting, as I myself have wondered about a few of those questions asked, yet, I guess you should always stick to whatever you like to blog!

      2. Well, really I want to make sure that the blog is relevant. If people would like to know more then I can certainly answer questions.

        The thing I hate, when I think about it, is false experts. I’ve done a bit of travelling for both work and pleasure, but I’m certainly no expert on all cultures.

        I will probably posy some more travel-related updates here, if for no other reason than I’m travelling a lot more for work now.

        We’ll see. but please, do ask questions.

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