A message of hope (for my lens)

A couple of days ago a dear friend of mine was stuck down with a debilitating disease.

My trusty 24-105mm F4 USM IS L lens developed a communication issue, causing the Image Stabilisation module to randomly jitter all over the place and the iris to randomly open and shut.

I’ve rushed the lens to the Fukuoka Canon Service centre, where the lens will be on life support for the next week. This is going to put back my plans to buy a 5D Mark III by about 2 months. :<

Walking around town today I felt naked. I’ve carried that lens across three continents, and it has captured pretty much every moment of note since I purchased it 5 years ago. It was there when I met my wife, at our wedding, at the birth of our baby. It was there for my brother’s wedding, and it was there when I toured Japan and Germany. It’s survived three camera bodies, numerous road trips and drunken nights, and has basically never left my side since we met.

Anyway, beyond the break are a bunch of photos taken with my favourite lens. If all goes well I’ll be able to add to this collection in the future. If not, then I’m going to have to hold a wake (and probably a fund raiser) for my faithful companion.

I took this when I was on my "composition" binge. I went around trying to find interesting graffiti and such, and this was one that piqued my interest.
I had a dawn shift at work on this day. Since I had to drive in I arrived a little early and shot off a few snaps before starting.

Another dawn shift at work. This time we were in a broadcast truck at the north end of the Opera House. The light just happened to work for us.


After the ceremony, we all retired into a club for a rest. I just happened to get lucky with the timing here. This is my little sister-in-law.


Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto. Most people try and take their photos from the base of the temple, but if you go down the hill you get a much better shot.


Went for a drive early one morning, and managed to get some nice lighting.


I've become quite fond of sepia for people.


My Father-in-Law, waiting for his dinner.

4 thoughts on “A message of hope (for my lens)

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask for a little while: how’re you able to travel so extensively? If possible, I’d like to travel to various countries when I leave college–since you seem to already have gotten to that point, would you give me some pointers?

    1. When I first started travelling I went with friends in groups, and I took out small loans to add to my savings.

      But for the last 4 or so years my work has sent me lots of places. If you pick a job that requires travel, then you will travel a lot! Usually it will take a while to go from a small number of trips to the levels that I am doing now, but if things are important to you (like travel) then you will naturally gravitate towards opportunities that give you that kind of chance.

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