You Tube Interviews

Just a short one today as I am feeling a little guilty, but that guilt is losing to fatigue.

Shintai from Youtube posted an interview he did with me on Skype a few weeks back. Today we recorded a follow-up interview. I imagine this will be hitting the shelves in a week or so (I went all Paris Hilton on him and answered my phone during the act).

I always feel a little guilty when I’m doing interviews or panels or whatever. I know that I shouldn’t; you only need to look at the original Invision forums to see some of my ideas that made it through to hte full game (Yuuko i s a good example). But still, I can’t ignore the fact taht I did bail at a pretty critical time, and i imagine that Suriko, Aura, Delta and A22 had a hard time  dealing with my not-so-elegant departure.To clarify; the guilt isn’t about leaving; you can read my previous posts to know that I pretty much had to make a choice, but I feel guilty about stealing any undue credit.

That being said I do enjoy talking about KS, especially when it involves an actual conversation. As unqualified as I am to speak about the endgame of the development process, I think I will continue to speak to people about KS. It makes me feel really damned good to have been a part of the project. It’s quite uplifting to hear people getting excited about your work.

Anyway, keep an eye on Shintai’s site for the next interview. I’ll admit I was feeling a little more open this time, to the point of maybe going too far, but I had a good time. Speaking of good times, here is a photo from Fiji.


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