The heat is off… for now.

It’s interesting that it’s only been a month since the release of Katawa Shoujo and already the heat is starting to come off our weird little project.


Sure, there are die-hard fans (like those of you that are actually reading this, I imagine) that will continue to hang around the IRC channels and forums, slowly chatting with us and (more than likely) spinning off to create your own little groups with your own not-so-little projects. That’s freaking awesome.

But in terms of market penetration, unless something unexpected happens (for example a TV news article) we’re probably not going to get any more popular. Let me explain. With all of the hubbub that has been created by KS’s furious birth, you pretty much would have had to disconnect from the internet for a month to be in our “target audience” and not know about KS. Every segment of the internet that I have or do hang out in knows about KS. There’s also been persuasive user comments that have goaded on other users to try it out.

There might be some slow growth left in the 4chan/Something Awful/Reddit type spheres, but that is unlikely to make much difference. There might be a small number of superfans generated from that movement, but not in significant numbers, and certainly not enough to make a difference to the greater public.

Is this a bad thing? No, not really. It’s standard product life-cycle when you think about it. I know that the flame that KS has lit in so many people will never be completley extinguished, and that feels good.


I suppose my conundrum comes down to this: should I let KS go? As those who have followed the histroy of KS know, I have already let KS go once in a moment of heated overwork, and that kinda sucked. But now this world-wide following has made me want to write Hanako again, breathing new life into her. I’ve had ideas about her riding adventure rides with Hisao, giving birth to her first child (again with the self-referencing) and having to attend Hisao’s funeral. Of course, none of these have made it as far as my keys, so don’t get too excited.

Part of me wants to cling onto her forever, like the daughter that she once was to me. But another part makes me want to explore new areas; to get out of the “Teen Drama Funk” that is Katawa Shoujo. Don’t get me wrong; I think we did well with KS, but I don’t think I want to do it all over again. I’ll admit that I didn’t really have a “romance” based adolecence (“Explosive based” might be more appropriate) so I don’t really have a lot to draw upon for another teen romance.


So where to now? Honestly, I’m obsessed with things like Numbers Stations and Cold War Radar stations. I’m sure there’s a million ideas in there but I have yet to plumb those depths.


I’m back on the road next week; sitting alone in a hotel room for hours on end. That might fire off some good ones.


So yeah, stay tuned. KS isn’t going to change, and I think we are now in the “Long Tail” of it’s popularity. That’s not a bad thing; so please don’t see it that way. For those of you that would like to follow me on the journey, please stick around. I think that this will be a lot of fun. And I’m pretty sure that I still have a little bit of Hanako left in me ;p




13 thoughts on “The heat is off… for now.

  1. The more you say you aren’t going to make a sequel, the more determined i am to change your mind. Whether i have to bring it to a news station like you said, or even do it my self i’m going to follow through with this wonderful game. All i really need is your blessing.

    1. I have no power over your free will, just as you have none over mine.

      I think ifthere were to be asequel, it will be a fan work.
      Besides, it would be a whole new story line, which means you could go with all new characters and you would have the same effect…

  2. Love your work on Hanako. I’m subbed to your RSS, so I’ll catch anything you post here! I hope you find more inspiration for your great writing!

  3. When I was reading that…
    I just imagined a fan game with Katawa Shoujo characters in a classic RPG-like world. Hisao would be denied to learn how to use weapons like swords due his heart condition. Hanako could be a witch’s daughter, Rin could be a Leonardo Da Vince-like, and things like that.

    Am I crazy?
    Sorry for bad english.

  4. I think you may be surprised how long die-hard fans are going to stick to this thing. I don’t really know that adding anything to KS is necessary, but I do hope you stick active with the community it has created for at least a while longer because I would love to still have you active.

  5. I guess I’ll have to stick around to read your stories then… I can’t wait to read the “little bit” of Hanako, and anything else you have to write! You’ve got a fan in me!

  6. I don’t really want a sequel to Katawa Shoujo and I think most people wouldn’t want that either. The game/VN/Dating Sim/whatever people want to call it is good as it is, a stand alone game that left it’s impact on those who played it, a great story, great characters, a believable setting and writing that would leave any movie director in shame to some extent.
    What I would really want is another VN with the same amount of passion and quality that went into this one (music and animation sequences included), another great piece of art that connects with you in such a way that you can’t help but smile, laugh, fall in love with, get your heart broken with and cry. That is something I would love to see from 4LS, they are an amazing studio and God bless their souls for writing such a masterpiece and make us fall in love with these characters and learn from them.
    Thank you Cpl_Crud for at least giving some sort of continuity to Katawa Shoujo (Hanako’s Good Ending in particular) in this blog.
    BTW, do you plan on making a part 3 (or final part) to a Runners Afternoon in the future? The second entry sort of ends in another cliffhanger as well and I would love to actually have a true ending to wrap it up.
    Thank you for the wonderful experience and I’ll be sure to follow this blog from now on. I guess you could say that you guys have changed my life for the better, “Yamaku” has thought me quiet a lot about the concept of love and also taught and motivated me to eat healthy, do some exercise, never give up on my dreams, be open about myself and about others, to not give a rats ass to what people may think of me and a lot more, all this in a 3 week span and I feel that I have indeed changed and became a somewhat better person, even my IRL friends are almost in shock (a good one that is) with the fact that I have changed over the coarse of just about a month or so, and I still haven’t finished the novel as of today.
    Again, thank you for this wonderful experience and God bless you.

    1. Considering that Part 2 of Runner’s Afternoon was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction… no.

      The original intent was to keep the story open, but the massive reaction to it made me want to reply. A better description of this feeling can be found here:

      Thanks for the rest of your kind words, though I’m not sure how much more KS I have left in me after “Final Finale” is done… we’ll see.

      1. Thank you for taking the time off from your busy schedule to reply to my comment!
        Again, I don’t mind if you’re not going to write anything KS related anymore (as much as I’d want to read more), just as long as you keep up the quality of the writings you’re putting out. Your work has managed to touch me very intimately and I really do respect that.
        Keep up the good work and thanks once again! 🙂

  7. I feel like if you don’t bridge the enormous gap from Hanako’s happy ending to graduation that I am going to have to do it myself. If I do it myself it means that it will balloon out into the small sphere of people I know that coincide with people who have played KS and die there leaving others to have to do the same to fulfill that singular desire of answering to themselves the question of “what happened?” I am decent at assimilating characters and allowing them the use of my mouth and fingers but it would never have the authority and authenticity imparted by Hanako’s creator. I would always question if I had been true to her.

    I love your writing and the character that is Hanako is hauntingly powerful. I understand being burned out from writing a character or writing it in a certain situation so I will wait patiently and hope that there is a flame in you that desires to fill in that gap as well. Until then, I will consume everything you post (this is not to suggest that I will suddenly and magically stop reading you if you write it, that would be silly).

    P.S. What is with all of my combustion words sneaking into this post? Huzzah for the subconscious.

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