Here I was thinking that this blog would only be viewed by the stalkers devoted followers that found me through a random link in my signature. I should have remembered KS’s popularity.

However, I will admit that I am getting a bit of a buzz right now. To see a massive spike in readers, well, who wouldn’t be a little happy?

In the past I have always tried to write the stories that I’ve wanted to read. One thing that I haven’t wanted to read was my own story. There’s something about getting down and autobiographical that just seems, well, boring.

I am going to try to get creative with my writings, even if they are just your regular “blogs.”

Why? Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I am now on the road a lot more often than I used to be. When I was a touring technician it never really bothered me; the hours were long and the short time you spent in the hotel was passed with drinking or sleeping (sometimes both at the same time).

But now, my hours have stabilised, so it’s not uncommon for me to be back at the hotel by six.

Killing time is hard. You can go to the gym, but that barely lasts more than an hour (if that, let’s be honest). You can watch some TV, but that is mind-numbing (unless, of course, it is Sherlock). I’ve also read the lion’s share of periodicals and novels in hotel rooms.

Then you get that sudden realisation. You’re killing time, and that’s not a good thing. If you do have a job where you get to travel, you should relish in the new scenery… and to be honest I do. Most of the time. I have aimlessly wandered through more cities than I dare to count, taking photos all the way. However, I am but a slight man, and hence night’s shadows usually send me scampering back to the safety of a “Do Not Disturb” door flag.

So what’s a guy to do?

Tonight, I think, will be the first of many little vignettes of my life, some real, some not. To be honest I stopped telling the difference between the two a long time ago.I will try to get some “real” prose done, but who knows? I have Master’s assignments and magazine articles to write; that isn’t going to go away. Then again, I have recently watched my reading habits rebalance themselves. Initially I read purely for pleasure, then about a year ago that changed to be purely for improvement. Now I have met a balance in the middle. Perhaps I can do the same for my writing.

Practice makes perfect, right?

The sun has now well and truly set upon the Melbourne skyline. You can almost tell that this city elected a member of the Greens Party to parliament; once the sun is gone it lacks the glitter of a bigger city like Sydney or the eye-blinding lights of Old Tokyo (current Tokyo, of course, is quite gloomy).

I wonder if this is why the future is GrimDark; not because everyone is living miserable lives, but because our innate desire to save the planet has forced us to turn off the lights…

Any Love?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. Tonight’s images are all photos from Melbourne. I might try to do this more often; maybe even just use the photos as the trigger for the story.



One thought on “Whoops

  1. I really like your way with words. I find your idea of Kiling time an honorable one indeed, and I look forward to seeing you use it wisely, as you are a facinating person..

    also “(unless, of course, it is Sherlock)”

    This made me smile….Don’t watch television, but some things are jsut too good to miss.


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