Another scrap from the archive

“Every human has the capacity to kill, it’s just a matter of pushing the right buttons.”

“For some people, this is very simple. Add some drugs, maybe a slight hormone imbalance, and a kitchen knife and you’re away.”

“But that’s no fun.”

“People like that are just like slinkies. Sure, they’re fun the first time, but there’s only so many different ways you can watch a spring fall down a step.”

“And the lifespan of a slinky is so disappointingly short.”

“For a time, I entertained myself with the other end of the scale.”

“The pain officer worker.”

“2.5 kids. Morning coffee. Unused gym membership. Promoted into a dead-end position.”

“Driving them to distraction was worth it to start with.”

“The results were, without exception, spectacular.”

“Berserk rages, using whatever was in-hand to bludgeon former loved ones into a bloody pulp.”

“They burned like bright blue giants; lighting the night sky before finally exploding in a supernova of violence, then forever disappearing into a gaol cell, or falling to a policeman’s bullet.”

“But the formulae never changed, and once again that yearning crept into my soul.”

“A yearning to see something truly spectacular.”

“That’s when I met her.”

“At first, she was barely worth a second glance.”

“Mid-twenties, longish hair, mostly attractive.”

“But before she slipped from my vision forever, I noticed something truly exciting.”

“In a crowd, no-one pays attention to anyone else.”

“Generally, the crowd moves at a steady pace, filled with occasional collisions as people try to pass by each other without acknowledging the other’s existence.”

“But she was different.”

“Without ever changing her gait or eye line, she was able to manoeuvre through an opposing crowd without a single bumped shoulder.”

“Unlike every other plebeian before me, this woman sensed each and every person around her, and went out of her way to avoid them.”

“Such blatant disgust for her fellow man, even as subconscious as it was, made me giddy with excitement.”

“Here was something I could use; a mannequin for my wretched works upon humanity.”

“The more I followed her, the more potential I felt emanating from her slender frame.”

“Occasionally I caught smirks of disgust as she walked past couples, past glass-walled gyms filled with sweaty bodies all running in time, even as we passed a school hall being used by a local scout troupe.”

“Yes, this will be special.”

“I think that I am in love.”


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