Published (almost)!

I suppose this is a weird achievement for me.

Technically, I’ve written quite a lot. I’ve been paid for it too. Hell, I was even flown to Brisbane to cover an anime con once.

And let’s not forget KS. Like it or not, I still count KS as being “published,” even though it’s only the first act.


But yesterday I got a call. Someone had been reading my “other” blog (well, my technical blog; ) and somehow managed to track me down. They liked my style apparently, and offered me a spot in their magazine. And, whilst it’s not my first publishing, not even my first paid publishing, it certainly feels like it. After months of writing nothing but specification documents and masters assignements, it felt good to write something that was a little more… free.

And so, given the chance, I would like to re-vitalise this blog and my travel blog, One Night, Two Days. I think the travel blog will get more attention; I certinaly have a lot more photos to post there.

So please, feel free to join me on this blog. Use the comments to request things. I’m going to try and dig out some of my old (and I’m talking pre-KS here) scripts that I wrote. There were a little manic, but I guess that’s how I was at the time. I will admit that I thought they weren’t that great at the time, but they did provide the foundation for a lot of my long-form prose. So, given that I can find them, I’ll be posting one a week for the next couple of months.

That should let me focus on the travel side of things for the moment.

Good times.


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