The Writing-ing!

Yeah, so anyway I have decided that I will try to take up writing again. This, plus my photography, should hopefully keep me sane. Hopefully.


The peice I’ll be working on first, Daydreamer, is about a guy who meets a girl (freaking K-S is still influencing me), but the girl has the supposed power to make dreams into reality.

Originally I wanted to turn this into a romance, and maybe I still will. But it has potential to go pretty much anywhere. I do have a plan (not one that I’m going to post) and I think I will try to stick to it. The original plan keeps it nice and short, so maybe I could end up expanding it after the event.


PS I won’t be making this blog public until I have at least 4-5 “pages” of Daydreamer up. If you’ve found me before that then well done.


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