Apparently I have to have something here

It will most likely take me a little bit to get my head around the right way to do things here.

I will probably use the “pages” feature instead of the “blog” to post actual writing, as it looks like it’s more linear as opposed to last-in-first-shown.

Who knows.


2 thoughts on “Apparently I have to have something here

  1. Greetings Mr. Crud. I’m GA; self-proclaimed and unofficial KS scholar, archivist and analyst. Recently my research has branched further into even more…esoteric regions of my chosen field. And as you’ve no doubt concluded it has branched here, into your blog. Which I plan to read for my study. In parallel I’ll also check out your stories posted here(which I’m looking forward too for various reasons including that they were recommend by a trustworthy source) So just filling you in of my intentions. You’ll likely see more comments or quips from me up along the blog chain and if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns I would be glad to converse or disclose about any of my notes or musings…(or ramblings are likely more accurate)…At any rate thanks.


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